Do you want to consign but cannot find the time to sort, hang, and tag your gently used kids clothing and toys?

Now offering a tagging service with


  • You must have a minimum of 100 quality itemsItems will be checked for quality. Ensure that items have NO stains, broken zippers, tears/ seams coming undone, too faded, or smell of smoke or pets. Items that do not meet our guidelines will not be tagged and will be held at the event for you to pick up or be donated.
  • ​​You will receive 35% of the total amount sold. Simply Refreshing Organizing Solution will receive 35%. Another Time Around will retain the other 30%.
  • The consignor registration fee of $15 is required to reserve your spot.

  • ​​There will be a $10 supply fee for every 100 items. This will help cover the cost of hangers, tape, pins, cardstock, and other items the tagger will need to prepare your items. This fee can be discounted if you provide hangers. The fee will be taken from your final settlement.
  • Limited spots are available. The sign up deadline Feb. 28th 
      If you are interested please email dani@simply-organizing.com    
  • ​You are responsible for dropping off your items. The drop off deadline is Feb. 28th                             Arrrangments will be made when you sign up to drop off at either Highland Recreation Center or Clearwater Mall.  
  • ​​​You are responsible for picking up your unsold inventory or choose to donate items.                                            All inventory not picked up by 4:30pm on Sunday will be donated.