• Log-In
  • Check your Name & Seller Number
  • Click ENTER ITEMS at top
  • Consignment: Another Time Around FALL 2017
  • PRICE: Use the drop down menu to select the price
  • DISCOUNT: If item is to be discounted to 50% on Sunday click box (if not leave blank)
  • DONATE: If item is to be donated after the sale click box (if not leave blank)
  • SIZE: Use the drop down menu to select size
  • Description/Brand Name: Type brand name  ( under 4 words)
  • Description: Type description (examples: new w/ tags, flower detail, 2 piece)
  • Category: Use the drop down menu to select category
  • Power Tagger:  This can be used to duplicate tags if all of the above information is the same. Choose how many tags.  Then click Add Item(s)
Items will show in Inventory below. Please review. The system saves automatically.
When all items are entered you are ready to PRINT TAGS​​


Items from other events and previous sales can be transfered

When Logged in:

Click Mange Your Inventory
Go to Item Transfers Tab
Check that you are transferring from the correct Previous Event (#1) to the Current Event

(#2) Utilize the box in the status column to filter the not sold items by selecting not sold then click refresh
Look through your inventory to ensure you are transferring items you physically have
(#3) Click on the box next to the item(s) you want to transfer
​TIP - if transfering many items click view more with the drop down menue above items and select a higher number then click select all.
When all is selected click the Transfer Button (#4)
Once items are transfered you can go to the ENTER ITEMS at the top menu to enter new items.        
(see above instructions if needed)