You will need a printer and cardstock

  • Click the Tab PRINT TAGS at top of screen 
  • Check inventory below
  • Select: Click Select All button or check mark box to select each one
  • Generate Tags: Click button (print code: PL-)
  • A window should pop up asking you if you want to generate this many tags. Click OK 
  •             (Note: Tags print 8 to a page ensure your printer is ready with cardstock)
  • A window should pop up with a PDF to open
  • Print tags 
  • Cut tags (when cutting tags they can get out of order. Use the items # to put back in order after cut)
  • Attach tags
If a tag needs to be changed after printed, changes will need to be made in the inventory system then reprinted. Hand written tags will not be accepted.  This can be done in the Manage Inventory tab found at the top.




  • Clothing should be hung with the hanger pointed to the left. (Looks like a ?)
  • Tag should be tagged or safety pinned thru the right side. On a seam or the tag of the clothing to avoid putting holes in teh garment.
  • All pants, shorts, and skirts should be secured to the hanger
  • Use zip ties to secure pairs
  • Use a tagging gun or zip tie to secure tag
  • Take time to clean all shoes



  • In original case.
  • Secure tag using painters tape or washi tape
  • Secure items in ziploc like bag with tag securely taped or use a tagging gun to the outside of the bag.
  • Jelewery sets
  • Game pieces 
  • ect.



  • Assure toy is working and tag is not covering function (on/off button) of toy.
  • Use zip ties or painters tape to secure tags
  • All puzzels should be secured with saranwrap or press n seal or large ziploc bags
  • Large items such as swings, bouncy seats, or pack-in-plays, will sell better if set up allow time at drop off.
  • Tag should be securely taped to item with painters tape or washi tape
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